From President


Dear respected community members and friends,

Namaskar and welcome to Triad Nepalese Community Center!

It is a great honor to be able to serve Triad Nepalese Community Center as a president elected for term 2017-2019. I am very thankful to all community members who have elected our energetic and talented individuals in TNCC BOD team. Our team believes in our By Laws, and we have a clear vision to move our Nepalese community forward, one step at a time, towards our goal.

Our new BoD is committed and dedicated in preserving our Nepalese language, culture and heritage. We believe it is very important to involve our youth group in the community activities. The only way we will be able to keep our Nepali identity alive by passing on our language and heritage to next generation. For this reason continuing all ongoing community kids related activities, e.g. Nepali Pathshala, is highly emphasized in my action plan.

I would like to acknowledge previous BoD for establishing programs like TNCC Nepali Pathshala which will greatly impact our next generation. Nepali Pathshala has achieved a great success in teaching our language and culture to our new generation. I couldn’t agree more with past president Dr. Narayan Khadka in a statement in his president’s message saying “It is an undisputed fact that gaining ability and knowledge of our own language and culture will be a great asset to our children in their adult life”.

My sincere thanks also goes to all Nepali Pathshala volunteers for doing such an outstanding job. I believe new generation kids in our community are benifiting through Nepali Pathsala not only in gaining nepali language skill but also in developing leadership skills. Last but not least I would like to express my gratefulness to every community members for helping TNCC grow into the organization that we have today.

For next two year we have set our primary goal as to build a facility on our community center property. Our vision on ‘to be build facility’ is to erect a building structure that will house our future events and activities. We acknowledge there is a growing need of a facility to accommodate increasing number of yearly events as our community grows bigger. We currently have been renting the space for our events spending valuable effort, money and time. We believe all community members will add strength to our effort. We look forward to see you all coming together joining hand to make our goal successful. I believe our community center will play a role model to other communities around North Carolina and beyond and show anything is possible if we all come together and work in harmony.

At the end I would like to greet all newcomers who have recently moved in the Triad area with a warm welcome. I wholeheartedly request you to connect and help move TNCC a step forward. Your comments, suggestions, ideas, feedbacks, and help will be highly valued by my BoD.

Thank you.


Santwona Khadka


Triad Nepalese Community Center